Dear AOTT readers,
With the 2017/4 issue, we are expanding our editorial team with five new associate editors: Dr. Jason Pui Yin Cheung, Dr. Bülent Erdemli, Dr. Bruno Fuchs, Dr. Taner Güneş and Dr. Murat Kayalar.
Associate editors are the main scientific stand of AOTT. All articles accepted for review are evaluated by one of the associate editors, who also comments on the reports of the reviewers. This is a time consuming work, also requiring an experience in the related scientific field. A literature search is needed for most of the submissions. Editor’s decision depends usually on the reports of associate editors. Knowing the fact that all associate editors are overloaded in their professional life, I thank them for their invaluable support in our journal. I hope that new members of the editorial team will be a tremendous support for us.
AOTT Editorial board keeps working on increasing the quality and speed of editorial evaluation of the submissions, adapting several methods for achieving this goal. The use of several online tools provided by Elsevier such as online reviewer search tool, i-Thenticate reports, we are able to broden our evaluation process and provide a better and faster scientific approach to the articles submitted. The reviewer selection is an ongoing problem for most of the scientific journals and we are no exception. Recently I had to give an apology to one of our submitters because 8 reviewers declined to evaluate their work. Therefore the opinion of associate editors becomes more important in this matter.
I welcome the new members of AOTT Editorial team on behalf of the board, authors and the readers of the Journal.
Best regards,
Prof. Dr. Onder Kilicoglu
AOTT Editor-in-Chief

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