Statistical Analysis of the Operations for the Poliomyelitis 876 Cases 1350 Operations

Istemi Yucel, M. Alp Goksan, Misel Kokino,


876 cases who had operative treatment for the poliomyelitis paralysis in our clinic, between 1960-1970 are studied. Distribution of these operations into years showed that, there is relation between the number of the operation and the incidence of poliomyelitis. Ages of the patients showed that younger age groups were in, majority. 535 cases (% 61,1) first decade, 302 cases (% 34,5) second decade, 36 (%4,1) third decade. It is interesting to see that 860 of these 876 cases (%98,2) Operations were performed on the lower extremity, only 16 (% 1,8) on the upper extremity. Other details of this study are shown in the diagrams and tables.

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