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Vol 12, No 1 (1978) Pages :15-18

Shipping hip

Fethi Ozsahin, Murat Kestellioglu, Turkan Ozsahin, Burhan Veli Yasar

Surgical treatment of a SNAPPING HIP which is quite rather rare condition is presented in this paper. During the hip flexion, adduction or internally rotation, the tickened and fibrotic tensor fascia lata slips over the greater trochanter and produces a click or snapping sound. That is why they called snapping in the literature. Same snapping also can be produced by the patient himself voluntarity.
Kalçanın fleksiyon, adduksiyon ve internal rotasyonda, tensor fasya latanın trokanter majör üzerinden kayması le klik sesi veren, literatürde SNAPPİNG HIP adı ile bilinen bir vak a ve uygulanan operasyon takdim edildi.