Histopathological Evaluation of the Fracture Healing With and Without Bone Grafts by Ligth and Electron Microscope

Faik Altintas, Huseyin Bayram, Mehmet Kaya, Gurbuz Baytok, Nurdan Tunali,


The effects of autologous bone grafts on the fracture healing were studied by light and electron microscope. This study was carried out in the rabbits which divided two group. One group was to heal with autologous bone grafts and control group without graft. There was no difference between healing time of both groups. \n An evaluation under electron microscope revealed that chodroblasts has had coupius dark stained mitochondria and granulare endoplasmic reticulum in the early phase, as the time pass the color of mitochondria became light color. There was some cytoplasmic process with dark stained margine from chondrocytes to matrix. In the matrix crystals of hydroxyapatit were acummulated in and around of this process. At the late phase cells became picnotic.\n This findings were interpreted as mitochondria had some task in the calcium transportation and calcium is crystalised by the alkaline phosphatase activity around the cell wall.

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