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Vol 53, No 4 (2019) Pages : 313- 317

An exceptional case of malignant glomus tumor and a review of the literature

Federico SACCHETTİ, Marco De GORİ, Stefano GROSSİ, Giovanni Angelo BONADİO, Rodolfo CAPANNA

Malignant glomus tumors (MGTs) are exceptional but pose diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Wide resection is the recommended treatment method, however, no data are available concerning adjuvant therapies. We present an exceptional case of extradigital deep-seated MGT of the forearm, with an exceptional bone infiltration. Despite being treated with wide resection, the patient had an optimal functional outcome, no functional loss, no motor or sensitive deficits and has returned to his full daily activity.
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Glomangioma Malignant glomus tumor Wide resection Literature review Forearm