The P&R pins and rubber traction system in the treatment of comminuted displaced and intraarticular fractures in the hand

Osman Rodop, Ahmet Kiral, Omer Arpacioglu,


Objectives: To evaluate the results of the P & R (pins and rubber) traction system in the treatment of comminuted, displaced, and intraarticular fractures in the hand.\nMethods: The P&R traction system was employed in 16 patients with comminuted, displaced, and intraarticular phalanx fractures and in two patients with phalanx fractures near the joint. Intraarticular fractures were in the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint in nine cases, and in the distal interphalangeal (DIP) joint in seven cases. Two patients had extraarticular fractures near the joint, being in the proximal phalanx of the thumb. The patients were followed up for a mean period of 10 months (range 5-14 months).\nResults: The traction devices were removed after a mean duration of five weeks. No pin tract infections, non-union or malunion complications occurred. Patients with DIP intraarticular fractures achieved full range of motion; those with PIP intraarticular fractures or fractures near the IP joint obtained practically full range of motion. None of the patients complained of pain.\nConclusion: We concluded that the P&R traction system has the advantage of easy application, permitting early active joint motion.

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