Principles of surgical treatment in patients with complicated syndactyly

Emre Orhun, Umit Kantarci, Selim Cepel, Oguz Polatkan, Ersin Nuzumlali,


Methods: Thirteen patients (10 females, 77%; 3 males, 23%) underwent surgery for congenital complicated syndactyly. Mean age of operation was 6.3 years (range 0.5-21 years). Four patients had bilateral syndactyly. According to the anatomo-pathologic classification of syndactyly, patients were classified as simple-incomplete-complicated (n=8), simple-complete-complicated (n=2), and complex-complete-complicated (n=3). A total of 35 operations was performed in the patient group in order to reconstruct web spaces and correct associated anomalies. Web spaces were reconstructed using dorsal rectangular flaps. \nResults: Postoperatively, development of web creeps was noted in only two patients. \nConclusion: Patients with complicated syndactyly must be operated early in childhood and full-thickness grafts should be the preferred material to be used in operation.

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